We are a photographer-producer duo based in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on creating still and moving images of architecture, interiors and design.
Peter Marko - photographer, former first assistant to Lucas Allen, shortlisted for Communication Arts Award in 2019, has had work featured in various magazines and campaigns both locally and internationally.
Lilla Kovacs - producer, Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture, Design Institute of Australia 2017 Western Australia Graduate of the Year, former Interior Designer with experience in workplace design and strategy.
Our strength lies in our complimentary skillsets and collaborative approach to each project. This enables us to direct and produce content that highlights the design intent in a thoughtful and visually pleasing manner, with consideration to our client’s needs.
We are passionate about capturing projects from the moment they begin to take shape all the way to the final form, by using the power of narrative and emphasising the atmospheric qualities of spaces.